Some things for Ringo Starr.


Last year I had the great honor to care for one of Ringo’s original sculptures, namely the Peace and love hand. It is eight feet tall and weighs 1800 pounds of bronze. We wish for peace and love in the world! This is now placed in Ringo’s garden and we have the master copy ready to duplicate on request.


Following that, we made him a very special coffee table to use in his main study room.

ringo starr coffee table

This is a massive slab of oak set upon two super heavy pieces of I beams. It looks remarkably simple, but I assure you, it is complicated to accommodate wood movement and other forces. We fumed the wood with ammonia which gives oak such a remarkable color, and the gorgeous texture created by chisel only with no sanding, is rubbed and burnished with beeswax. The table seems to have a life of its own.


When I was on the hunt for the magnificent board of oak, I saw a collection of walnut burls on the ground in the lumber yard. I sent a quick text photo to Ringo, and he told me to get two to do something with. I sculpted two of them to be extremely comfortable stools, chair height, and sculpted with the form of the tractor seat. This shape for a chair is known to be the most comfortable. They certainly are and Ringo and everyone who sits in them loves them. The incredible grain and figure of walnut burl shows beautifully in this free form sculpture, and the French polish created a remarkable extra level of luxury.IMG_1140ringo starr Burl stool (1)