Morrelli Design Consultants offer interior architectural design service with a unique focus on craftsmanship.   With a reaching knowledge of the classical building materials and the traditions of the crafts, this company produces  interiors, and features, of outstanding beauty and finesse.

Utilizing sacred geometric proportions of the classic Euclidean model and the guidelines of placement derived from the Asian model, Morrelli’s work contains a level of mystery and playfulness that provides an indescribable sense of wellbeing.

Beginning with close analysis of the proposed building and the clients requirements, Morrelli enters a period of study and design development.  The team  produces perfectly documented shop drawings, and coordinates some of the world’s finest artisans in the various trades.  Scheduling is a well planned portion of the project, typically with the finished products warehoused until the building site is ready.


Specialty products.    Morrelli offers pieces from a unique collection of original furniture or fixtures, now produced as limited editions. See Exclusive collections




Morrelli Design Consultants

1400 San Ysidro Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

General Inquiries        310 623 0387



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