The Fechin collection of furniture.

One event very close to my heart happened recently. Someone who had stayed at the Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe, inquired if it was feasible to make one small pair of cabinet doors in the Anasazi blanket style. for a home in the South of France.  Instead of being asked to design the next giant project, we were being asked to produce one tiny piece from the old catalog!    I was thrilled about this.  We made them to order with a very short turn around, sculpted new hardware cast in bronze, and shipped them off to France!  Almost immediately our dear new customer requested more items from our catalog, and a small collection is in the works.  So we really can do the massive all inclusive projects, but also with great joy we can make one unique item. I love to imbue the same sense of style and care into the  smallest order or the largest.


They ordered 3 pieces from some of my favorite early creations.


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